Daniela’s work draws from the cauldron of life and death, normality and difference. Daniela is attracted to work depicting extreme boldness of shape, form, contrast, subject and colour. In assuming the role of creator, Daniela establishes her own unique imitation of the world.

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Latest Project / Work in Progress

  • Therapy

    My new project has been greatly inspired by my recent experience working as part of a team of volunteer therapists, trained by the Mexican ...

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  • The location

    I am making a series of work which records the role played by the volunteer therapist whilst working in the Sanatorium. From the moment ...

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  • The Volunteer

    The therapists provide a series of treatments that mix art and psychology to members of the public wishing to participate in the Sanatorium. The ...

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  • Daniela as Therapist

    When the white coats are taken off at the end of the final shift, how quickly do we revert back to our true selves? ...

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